We will replace your lawn with
a California Friendly Garden

Save money on your monthly water and lawn care bills. Turf Terminators can save the average resident $2200 per year.

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    “L.A. company saving water by offering drought-tolerant lawns for free.”

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    “After an initial consultation with the homeowner to choose plants and a variety of mulch, Turf Terminators will file for the rebate and handle the rest of the labor.”

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    “…enticing a growing number of homeowners in the LA area…Turf Terminators says business is booming”

Turf Terminators will replace your lawn with a California Friendly landscape that conserves water and reduces your annual water and lawn maintenance costs. Turf Terminators will perform 100% of the work necessary to replace your lawn with a California Friendly landscape, all for free.

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    Fill out an order form online or call Turf Terminators and speak to a representative

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    Set up a consultation with one of Turf Terminators' professionals

  • select new lawn styles

    Select a California Friendly landscape style and provide a copy of your water bill

  • Save Water with Drought Resistant Plants

    Turf Terminators' landscapers will replace your lawn with California Friendly plants and ground cover over the course of 1-2 days, all for free!!

  • save water to save money

    Enjoy your brand new California Friendly Garden AND save money each month on your water and lawn maintenance bill